Jolyon Jackley 1988's TRM reopening

Something special !  A TVS documentary from 1988 following the trials and tribulations of reopening the TRM by Jolyon Jackley(son of Nat Jackley).  It features the race get a semi derelict Theatre Royal ready to open for Panto with several faces that will be familiar to viewers of a certain age including Charlie Chester and Trevor Bannister!!  Also seen are a young Gordon Clarkson, Trudy Kingham, Jean Selfe and some wonderful footage of Auntie Pat!!

Sit back and watch this wonderful piece of history! Be sure to hear the final comments over the end credits!

Sadly as with many others it ultimately failed, but Jolyon led the way for the modern revival of the TRM that we have seen over the past 25 years.

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Anonymous said...

I dont think it was just Jolyon it was the crew as well , and the only reason why it lasted for so lomg was the passion of the crew, from lighting and Sound, to stage Management, to Flys to front of house, we all were so passionate about the theatre.