Welcome to the Theatre Royal Margate Archive site.  

The aim of this site is to try and preserve the history and artifacts of the Theatre Royal in Margate and it's most famous actress/manager Sarah Thorne.

I will be using some of the personal archive that I have collected, purchased or researched in my own time, to help preserve the long and glorious history of one of the oldest theatres in the country.  Some items are in my possession, other items have been obtained from museum and library files and I am indebted to them for loaning me the original folders and files. Where necessary copyright remains with the original owners.

Picture, articles and other items will be added from time to time as I sort out my files and manage to obtain new items so please return to check for new additions.

This site is dedicated to all those who gave their time and enthusiasm over the years to keep the TRM open, alive and to try to make a dream work!