I thought it would be worth adding some of my videos directly to the site.  Copyright remains with the original tv companies/producers, I am merely adding them for historical interest as they show the theatre in action and close ups of parts of the building.
March 2015 A report on the filming within TRM of scenes for 'The Carer'

Back in 1997 the Theatre Royal Margate had it's first Summer Show for many years - The Flanagan & Allen Story. Here is the tv report on the opening.

For Children in Need, BBC Radio Kent presenters put together a charity show at the Theatre Royal Margate. This is the BBC tv report on the show.  

A Meridian tv report on ghosts at the Theatre Royal

An ITV kids programme 'It's A Mystery' from Sept 1996 dealing with unexplained phenomenons. This is the segment from the third show, with Sophie Aldred investigating the Theatre Royal Margate.

In 2003 a burst pipe high up backstage caused a flood which closed the TRM for over three months.
(hmmm this chap looks familiar!!)

Here's the tv report on the reopening after the flood in 2003

TV report of New Kent Opera at the Theatre Royal in 2004
(hmmm,I'm in this one as well!!)

A short promo piece to promote the Theatre Royal Margate for sponsors and businesses.It has some nice closeup views of the theatre.

TRM sale to Thanet District Council report 1
(watch for early footage of the TRM and offices from around 1965)
TRM sale to Thanet District Council report 2
(I'm still looking for confirmation/evidence of Charlie Chaplin's appearance at TRM)

More to follow soon.

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